Work with us

Why work with Us ?


As a reputed CA Firm in Pune we value our internal customers at par with external customers, thus making us a one of the Best CA firm workplace in Pune. We call everyone as Team member and not staff member at our CA firm. We are proud to have a great core team who hase grown up from grassroot to a matured professionals.  We encourage collaborative working, regular training sessions, workshops, opportunities to work with various clients and domains, etc.

  • Develop clear basics of taxation and accounting
  • Possibility of deeper understanding and learning in your division
  • Exposure to wide range of client types and industries
  • Grooming your communication skills and corporate etiquettes
  • Participating in unique case study based sessions every fortnight
  • Networking and learning with people from varied experience pools and backgrounds
  • Finding better work-life balance with timely breaks, picnics and office parties
  • Periodical feedbacks on good and not so good areas of your work
  • Quicker possibility to climb the corporate ladder due to flatter hierarchy structures

Interested Profiles to work into :

  • Retainer ship consultancy i.e. being off board from the company, yet being full time associated to the company.
  • Fund Raising and Treasury activities.
  • Business Operations / Process / Development.
  • Tax Planning, Litigation’s and supervising regulatory compliance.
  • Managing the complete business, being the executor owner of the business.